It's all about science and security!
≡ Welcome to mesaNova.
To make sure your systems are secure and ready to rock, we offer penetration testing
services for your infrastructure and provide you with solid concepts and strategies
to keep your data and operations shiny in the long run.
Besides IT and security, we're focused on quantum and space time science.
Infused with innovative technologies, we combine core science ideas with scientific
practices in several important areas, including black hole research
and FTL (faster-than-light) travel.
As a subsidiary of BlackMesa ARC, we bring together international partners, including a
longitudinal collaboration with researchers all around the world. Due to our geographic
location - which is a hidden offshore research area - we are able to let our researchers
work on topics that are otherwise limited due to local legislation or civilists like
human rights groups.
Free from the chains of law, we are able to do what we do best: