Wholehearted scientists!
Our researchers are luminaries - absolute experts in their field of study.
Some say, they even invented ice cream before it was cool.
Top-ranking academics, recruited from all continents [1] are living and working
on the mesaNova campus to develop technologies that will change the way we
live for the better. In regard to our lives .. not yours. Just to make that clear.  
     ≡ Christoph Lang-Muhr
Working for mesaNova since 2002, Christoph is our leading scientist
for FTL travel. His work is the foundation for our recent break
through in space folding technologies. We hired him from a prison in south
sudan, where he was serving a life sentence for inventing pseudo scientific
claims backing homeopathy as a treatment for radiation sickness of domestic cats.  
     ≡ Daniel Haslinger
If you are interested in the Einstein-Rosen bridge, Daniel is
the scientist you're looking for. You won't find him though.
After working at the BlackMesa ARC for over 10 years, he decided
to go offshore and join mesaNova. Since then, he never wasted a
single thought on leaving again. Being a non-swimmer sucks when
you try to leave an island like ours.  
  [1] exceptions include, but are not limited to: Africa, America, Australia and Asia