Proven science!
At this very moment, we offer a limited number of services -
but we pour our hearts and souls into them.
And caffeine. Vast amounts of caffeine.
The following services are offered by our research spin-off in Austria:  
≡ IT and Information Security
IT and Information security is important if you're planning to reach your
goals - especially when it comes to world domination. We support your efforts
with penetration testing and security assessments in order to protect your data.
and IT infrastructure.
Due to legal issues, we had to move some of our efforts to our offshore research center,
where it is not subject to national or international law and order.
These projects are discontinued for now, but we might bring them to
life again if crucial legislation changes:
Chimaira is a chemical compound that will - added to breathing air - suppress emotions.
It is scentless, colorless and absolutely imperceptible. Our ambition is to
add it to our atmosphere in order to establish a society based on logic and peace.
We at mesaNova believe that high speed transportation is the key to a better future.
Travelling faster than the speed of light seemed to be impossible, but our scientists
found a way to allow objects to do it by folding space!